Walk Ethical™ is a program that identifies, supports, and celebrates ethical employers throughout New Zealand.


Walk Ethical allows businesses in New Zealand, big and small, to demonstrate that they’ve made a pledge to follow ethical people practices in employment.

A robust, credible three stage program informed by industry best practice, Walk Ethical offers training, support and certification for each Bronze, Silver and Gold accredited member.

Throughout the journey, employers take steps towards establishing themselves as ethical employers and pledge to continue to be so.



Bronze identifies the employer as one that understands their employer obligations and that they have implemented best people practices into their business.



Silver identifies the employer as one that promotes open communication within their business. They are an employer that actively seeks out their team’s feedback, no matter how positive or challenging, because they understand that only through developing a high performing team will they achieve their business goals.



Gold identifies the employer as one that follows best-practice employment processes; one who lives and breathes win-win strategies. At Gold level, they have everything to be proud of. They have created a harmonious, successful, high performing team, and a culture that thrives on shared success. A culture which enables them to spend less time working in the business, and more time on the life that they love, or working on the business.


You will be showing the way for conscious consumers and new customers to find and do business with you.


You will become an employer of choice


You will be supported in your journey to work successfully and productively with your staff and succeed through your people.


You’ll join a community of respected employers



  • WE gives you membership of a community of like-minded and respected employers

  • WE provides you with display emblems and a certificate verifying your business membership as an ethical employer, directing today’s conscious consumers to do business with you, ultimately resulting in revenue increases for your business

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  • At all levels, Walk Ethical offers support and guidance in your journey to becoming an outstanding employer

  • WE provides you with Training on your employer obligations

  • WE provides you with regular updates on employment legislation changes and best employment practices

  • WE gives you the tools to implement best employment practices

  • WE helps to foster satisfied and happy employees. Leading to increased employee retention which will help to reduce $$ and time spent on recruitment and training

  • WE helps to give you back time to work on the business rather than in the business



  • Promotion of your business through WE’s online, social, and media channels

  • Listed as a preferred employer in WE’s online, social, and extended media channels, directing talented employees to work for you as an employer of choice

Employers who have pledged to be ethical employers…..

The Cookie Project

The Cookie Project is headed up by two of the biggest hearts in NZ - Eric Chuah and Graeme Haddon. They started this venture as a way to provide paid work experience for people with disabilities. Their commitment and dedication to providing an ethical workplace where everyone is treated equally, regardless of who you are is something we all should aspire to as employers.

Next time you are catering an event, looking for a gift or just craving for some cookies, look no further than these delicious cookies and support this amazing ethical employer.

Click here for the full interview and hear more from Eric Chuah.


Sameer Handa is an inspiration to many, including us here at Walk Ethical. He has successfully transformed local businesses into global businesses. Glowbal is a Kiwi owned business trading in lighting, refrigeration, air-conditioning products & building materials. Glowbal represents some of the world’s best brands along with some well-established home brands in NZ & Pacific Island countries. In NZ, you can find their products at a multiple retailers throughout NZ including Mitre 10.

Next time you are in looking for lighting, refrigeration or air conditioning solutions, look out for Glowbal products and support this amazing ethical employer.

Click here for the full interview and hear more from Sameer Handa.

Archie Cafe

Johnny and Jenny Leung are proud owners of Archie Cafe, located at 159 Ponsonby Road, Auckland. As a small business, there are challenges that they need to overcome but they recognise the importance of being a fair employer and creating a happy workplace for their team. Here is their story.

Next time you are in Ponsonby, make sure you visit Archie Cafe and support this amazing ethical employer. Or if you are looking for a barista role, make sure you check out Archie Cafe where you know you will be treated fairly. 

Click here for the full interview and hear more from Johnny and Jenny.

Wathall Ward - Chartered Accountancy

David Wathall and Ruth Ward are the faces Wathall Ward – a chartered accountancy based in Ellerslie, Auckland. Known by many small business as trusted advisors, David and Ruth put their success down to three pillars: their commitment to excellence, their hardworking and incredible team and the exceptional service that they offer their clients.

Next time you are looking for a chartered accountant, make sure you get in touch with David or Ruth and support this amazing ethical employer.

More ethical employers to come - they are in the process of being accredited. If you are an ethical employer and you want to be recognise for it, start your walk ethical journey now. Doors are now open for foundation members. 


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