It’s a tough business environment out there – but when you Walk Ethical, you don’t walk alone.

It’s hard to be successful on your own. It takes a tight team and a leader with vision, one who’s able to bring their people together to achieve big goals.

Walk Ethical Employers recognise that their employees play a key role in the success of their business, and therefore their core values encompass best employment practices.

When you join Walk Ethical you gain more than an certification identifying you as a successful New Zealand business – you gain the tools you need to bring your team’s talents together,  driving your business forward.

If you’re keen to grow the success of your business by creating a successful and dynamic team culture at your workplace, Walk Ethical is here with you to help you in your journey to walk the talk.

How to join Walk Ethical?

There are three levels of certification Bronze, Silver, and Gold 

Once assessed and qualified, you’ll become a Walk Ethical member, recognised by your customers and employees as a business that is committed to being an ethical employer

Benefits of joining Walk Ethical

At all levels, Walk Ethical offers support and guidance in your journey to becoming an outstanding employer.


Core Member Benefits:

  • WE gives you membership of a community of like-minded and respected employers 

  • WE provides you with display emblems and a certificate verifying your business membership as an ethical employer, directing today’s conscious consumers to do business with you, ultimately resulting in revenue increases for your business.

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Employer Benefits:

  • WE provides you with Training on your employer obligations

  • WE provides you with regular updates on employment legislation changes and best practice.

  • WE gives you the tools to implement best employment practices.

  • WE helps to foster satisfied and happy employees. 
    The more engaged your employees are, gives you the added benefits of increased employee retention which will  help to reduce $$ and time spent on recruitment and training. WE helps to give you back time to work on the business rather than in the business.


Promotional Benefits:

  • Promotion of your business through Walk Ethical’s online, social, and media channels

  • Listed as a preferred employer in Walk Ethical’s online, social, and extended media channels, directing talented employees to work for you as an employer of choice.


Let us put it this way, you can’t afford not be walking this ethical walk - pricing starts from only $599 per annum

Walk this way and be recognised as an ethical employer

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