90% of Kiwis would stop buying a company’s products or services if they heard the company was irresponsible or unethical. Would you?

As a consumer, the strongest action you can take is choosing who you do business with – and Walk Ethical makes it easy for you to find and connect with those companies that are responsible and ethical in their employment practices.

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Discover Walk Ethical businesses through the emblem they’ll display online and by the front door – if you don’t see the emblem, ask for their Walk Ethical credentials by name.

Here’s what to look out for when you’re next choosing which business to support:

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These employers have received training in their employer obligations including best employment practices. They have pledged a commitment to ensuring employees receive the benefits that they are entitled to as an employee of theirs.

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These employers are every bit as committed to their employee;s welfare as the Bronze members. In addition, they’ve pledged to encourage positive communication with their staff, which leads to a better work environment for their team.  

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They’ll not only offer the same positive work environment as you’ll find in a Bronze or Silver business, they’ll take it one step further: These businesses will actively communicate with their employees on their employment rights so that they become part of the journey of continuous improvement and they can continue to be recognised as a great NZ employer 

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