Trust and confidence is at the foundations of an employment relationship and it naturally helps to foster a functional team.

WE Bronze identifies you as an employer that understands your employer obligations and that you have implemented best people practices into your business.

How do you achieve Walk Ethical Bronze status?

You’ll receive the training you need to become an ethical employer, including how to achieve best employment practices. 

On completion of your training, you’ll take a pledge to carry out these best employment practices in your business. 


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Benefits that you receive at Bronze:

  • WE BRONZE provides you with training on your employer obligations

  • WE BRONZE provides you with regular updates on employment legislation and cases, including tips on best employment practices

  • WE BRONZE provides you with access to Regular webinar sessions

  • WE BRONZE will include your business listing in Walk Ethical communications as a participating employer

  • WE BRONZE gives you Membership of the Walk Ethical Facebook Community group of like-minded employers

  • WE BRONZE gives you display emblems identifying your business to customers as a Walk Ethical accredited employer


Become a Walk Ethical Bronze member today

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