There’s no better reward than gaining the active support of your employees.

WE Silver identifies you as an employer that promotes open communication within all teams across your business. 

As a Walk Ethical Silver employer, you’ll be guided in seeking out your team’s feedback, no matter how positive or challenging, because you understand that only through developing a high-performing team will you achieve your business goals.

How do you achieve Walk Ethical Silver Status?

Your team will be surveyed, and provided with an opportunity to share their feedback on you as an ethical employer. 



Benefits of Walk Ethical Silver

  • WE SILVER gives you all of the benefits of Bronze, as well as;

  • WE SILVER gives you an Employee Net Promoter score, a standard measure indicating the engagement level of your staff

  • WE SILVER gives you a detailed report of survey findings on how your staff view you as an employer

  • WE SILVER provides you with insights on your employee engagement compared to other companies within your industry, identifying areas for growth

  • WE SILVER provides you with recommendations on improving your employee engagement levels within your business


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